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Reading Glasses on Book
- Luchrisa Valentine, Author -

The passion Luchrisa Valentine has for helping people has led her to become an inspirational author as well as a spiritual mentor. Illinois is where Valentine was born and raised. As a writer and blogger, she gives guidance, motivation, knowledge, and encouragement to those who are downtrodden, bullied, and have experienced traumatic and stressful experiences. In addition to studying, learning, and increasing her knowledge of God, she also enjoys reading and learning about other cultures. The love and dedication she displays in her life, words, and heart are evidence of her devotion to her Savior and Lord. The Lord has sustained her through many trials and tribulations. She is convinced that prayer is an important part of investing in your relationship with Christ. 

Email: iamvalentine.books@gmail.com

Reading Books Makes You Better
About An Author

📚📖Authors/writers influence lives by their work, giving lessons that can enlighten one's mind in making choices. The non-fiction authors'/writers' work is based on reality, which is relatable. Books can hold and keep all kinds of information, stories, thoughts, and feelings unlike anything else in this world. An author's/writer's emotions, train of thought, and past experiences are what make non-fiction writers dynamic. Your life experience can magnificently impact your writing. Authors/writers leave a mark in history, hearts, and this world that can not be erased. 📚📖